Infinity Systems is a full service mechanical contractor that has provided service to the following industrial companies:

Marathon Oil
Installed new 250-ton chiller with pumps and chilled water supply and return pipe. Furnished and installed fan powered boxes in the two office buildings.  Also, furnished the sheet metal ductwork on each floor of the office buildings and shop areas and furnished direct expansion split systems in the guard building and shop areas with ductwork and distribution. Provided insulation for all systems and air and water balance.

Precoat Metals
Provide ongoing maintenance for the owner.  Repair and maintain exhaust and supply fans, ductwork and ventilation. Also, maintain the ovens for the paint coating systems and air conditioning systems as needed.

Gulf Chemical & Metallurgical Corporation
Furnished and installed explosion-proof ventilation fans in the new expansion where soil from drilling wells is received and handled.  Work was completed with Miner-Dederick.

Baker Hughes
Design / build office building using DX split systems with Carrier VVT terminal boxes and controls.  Work was completed with Falcon Group.

Chile’s Offshore Housing
Four-story, 12,000 square foot building was constructed at the Port of Houston and then shipped to McAllen, Texas where it was lifted onto a Jack-up Rig.  Final commissioning occurred 120 feet above the water surface. Systems included 80-tons of speciality cooling for duty in extreme environments.